Summer Trend Forecast: Monochrome

By Dawn Wood

Monochrome mood board


It’s safe to say that there are some fashion trends that just don’t cut it, or trends which may stick around for one season and one season only. On the other hand, there are certain trends that stand out and are so inspiring that designers re-invent their collections to include these directional trends. One of the most prominent trends which seem to recycle on the fashion radar is monochrome. Nothing says ‘chic’ like a classic meets modern take on the world’s favorite black and white combo. So why is this such a popular color choice that people choose for their outfits?


Laetitia Casta monochrome

Monochrome can be Dressed Up or Down

So although the colors that make up monochrome are quite neutral when worn separately, black and white garments are still winners for day time wear at the office. On the other hand, when they are combined into say a graphic printed tee, Beetlejuice striped leggings or a multi-toned pencil skirt, the result is often a rather dressy affair. Whichever style is you, casual and evening monochrome is bang on-trend. Check out Le Reve’s black and white gems in the images below for ideas on how you can channel monochrome into an upmarket look that’s anything but ordinary…

Le Reve Collage


Monochrome makes a Bold Statement

Timeless separates that make a statement not just throughout the summer, but every season will work in your favor as not only will you be able to look stylish day in day out, but you’ll also be able to pinch a dollar or two in the process.


Monochrome is Modern and Retro

If you’ve ever wondered why certain figures in the fashion industry prefer to wear lots of monochrome, this is because they have their own tastes in color combinations as well as their own ideas about fashion. The likes of burlesque star, Dita Von Teese, fashion blogger Ivania Carpio and iconic designer, Karl Lagerfeld are all primary examples of people who take the monochrome trend to the next level. Dita’s pin-up look is very retro while Ivania prefers a clean, contemporary aesthetic, and Karl is a blend of modern meets classic.

Celeb Monochrome Collage


Monochrome Staples can be Complimented with Color

This bold trend works particularly well with contrasting accents of purple, red and more recently neon tones. If you’re new to wearing such out of the box colors and may not want to wear head to toe monochrome then try choosing accessories that incorporate both black and whites in addition to one of your favorite colors. For example, these Daisy color-block flats have hints of monochrome and lime green, making them a fantastic choice for summer.


Shoe Lust: Jeffrey Campbell Platforms

By Dawn Wood


Every since this infamous female footwear brand first burst onto the retail market back in 2000, it seems we have been ‘head over heels’ in love with Jeffrey Campbell’s outrageously outspoken shoes. With inspiration for the brand’s unique design concepts stemming from a mixture of vintage, runway and street fashion trends, the results are often down-right weird and wonderful. I mean take a look at their take on wedges last year, the Icy Black Suede Dolls Platforms. Featuring a Perspex wedge sole that is literally filled with Barbie Doll heads, this particular shoe may be a little O.T.T. for some, but to most style enthusiasts who have a penchant for platforms, these are simply another Jeffrey Campbell masterpiece.

jeffrey campbell scullys

One of the most wearable shoe lines Jeffrey Campbell have recently released is their ‘Scully’ collection. These crazy, chunky platforms are actually what prompted the theme of today’s blog post. They are available in a wide range of color combinations, from black with a white sole, to all white and all black. Some Scullys come with an accessible velcro ankle strap, whilst others are of the slip-on variety. Either way, these are a must-have footwear addition for anybody with a love for A. platforms, B. current footwear trends, and C. the Jeffrey Campbell brand in general. A word of caution though, after reading several online reviews, you will need to break your Scullys in first to ensure they are comfortable for all day/night wear.

You are more likely to discover J.C. shoes here in the U.S. as the brand is a small, family-run business originally based out of Los Angeles. That being said, you can now also find lines sold at leading fashion retailers like Office, and, to name a few. This expansion of distribution has lead to a global appreciation for the brand, one which will only continue to flourish.

Here are our top picks of eclectic Jeffrey Campbell shoes to inspire your style wish list this summer…

white scullysblack scullys








black ankle scullys























Which shoes will you be coveting this season? Our faves definitely have to be the crisp white Scully platforms with velcro ankle strap, as you can dress these up or down and wear them with almost anything. Also, their bold, all over white color means that you’ll always stand out from your peers on any fashion parade! 😉


Casual Fridays and What to Wear on ‘Dress-Down’ Work Days

By Dawn Wood

Casual Fridays

If you work in an office environment, the chances are that for 4 days of the week you are required to wear smart and sometimes restrictive clothing, right? Of course if you’re working for a corporate company such as a law firm or an accountancy practice, maintaining etiquette and formal dress are paramount. However, if you are lucky enough to have taken a fashion, marketing or media related career there will likely be a little more leeway here on what is an acceptable work wear wardrobe.

This is why many companies have introduced the concept of ‘Casual Friday’ quite some time ago. For fashionable and trendy types, the idea of being able to have more freedom of choice on clothes, shoes and accessories is a blessing in disguise. Take Lawyers and Solicitors as an example – it’s a common misconception that those who work in the law sector are serious in all aspects of their lives, but this is often not the case. Although with a suit you can’t go wrong as you’ll always look the part, sometimes it’s refreshing to be able to don a slouchy tee and skinny jeans combo when the mood strikes. So if you do get the chance to dress down for the day, take it. Throughout the spring/summer months in particular, the temperatures rise higher and so the less restricting your clothing is, the happier you will be able to feel being at the office.

While it’s true that there are usually some limitations on the agendas of certain company dress codes like wearing no trainers, tracksuits and logos, casual Fridays are still very much an excuse for people to bond at work and inject their own fashionable personalities into their professional lives.

So if you’re a person who is indecisive when it comes to choosing an office-friendly outfit, just remember that you can’t go wrong with a classic smart-casual combination. As a starting point, take a look at how Victoria Beckham wears slim line kick flare jeans below. Opting for a darker colour like navy with a casual denim fabric will ensure your overall look is polished but not too formal. Skinny jeans also work well in darker blue hues which we stock here at Le Reve.


Jeans could be your casual element while a tailored boyfriend blazer wouldn’t look out of place at a boardroom meeting. Take a leaf out of Kim Kardashian’s book and go for a neutral black, loose fitted blazer for serious office style points.


It’s also important to point out that a little flash of color goes a long way too though. Whereas on your usual work days you might only be able to wear gold and silver, minimal jewelry, your casual dress-down day should be an incentive to introduce a brightly colored accessory or two. Think statement necklaces and cocktail-jewel tones to break the mould.

How to Organize Your Accessories the Stress-Free Way

By Dawn Wood


Keeping things nice and organized can be tough at the best of times, but when it comes to accessories like your shoes, bags and jewelry items, it’s easy to let these build up until you’ve used just about every nook and crevice in your apartment! Ladies who are collectors and who impulse buy as much as we do will understand that what may start out as a few wardrobe staples can quickly spiral into a mountain of colors and textures. Of course accessories are great to admire but if you don’t have everything within easy reach, this can leave feelings of stress and frustration when it comes to finding things.

Any fashion-conscious female who loves to shop will likely have encountered storage issues at some point during their post-retail therapy sessions, this is completely standard. Fear not ladies, things can be kept de-cluttered from here on. Le Reve has come up with some useful hints and tips to help you on your way to achieving a palace full of appealing accessories as opposed to a snow storm of fashion chaos. 😉

Make the Most of Your Closet Space

Closet Organizers

Whether you own a single, double or even a walk-in wardrobe, the chances are that this place will likely be your first port of call for storing clothes, shoes, linens and of course accessories, right? Sizes of wardrobes vary a lot so you also need to think about fitting the rest of your belongings around this focal point. The useful aspect about wardrobes though is that they can always have extras added to them. For example, hanging accessory tidies and portable shoe storage is a great way to fit more into your closet and make the most of every space imaginable. You can usually pick up these types of storage essentials from cheaper stores like Walmart, so they are accessible.

Get Crafty

Custom-made Shoe Storage

Instead of throwing out old cardboard boxes and unwanted shoe boxes, why not try customizing them instead? There are endless ways you can personalize boxes and it’s a good excuse to pretend you’re at ArtCollege for the day too. Craft stores and haberdasheries sell tonnes of bits and bobs to help you to create some fashionable storage boxes for larger accessories that need a new home. Working with what you have is also a fantastic way to ‘do your bit’ for the environment as well as you are re-using things you would ordinarily throw away.

Use the Walls


Not everybody immediately thinks about using their walls for a storage solution. However, if you fancy doing a spot of D.I.Y, your reams of jewelry will thank you for it. Affixing a towel rod and hanging some shower hooks from it makes a nifty place to hang necklaces and scarves from. That way everything you need will be on display and will make choosing what to wear that bit easier. Self-adhesive hooks are also life savers as you don’t even need a screwdriver to attach these!

Go Trinket Shopping


Thrift stores and vintage fairs are a godsend for finding hidden gems which are ideal for housing those all important accessories. Baskets, porcelain dishes, old tea cups and hand statues are just perfect for keeping everything together. These little additions to the boudoir will also brighten up your dressing table and add interest. Once you have arranged your rings, bracelets and earrings how you want them, those accessories you bought 6 months ago will soon feel all shiny and new again.

Update Your Hair for Spring 2014

By Dawn Wood

Spring Hair 2014

Aside from thinking about our wardrobes and make-up bags for spring, it’s also worth taking note of the latest hairstyles and color trends too. There’s nothing more satisfying than keeping your look bang up to date in every way, shape and form. This is why keeping your hair interesting in addition to all of those other little outfit details should be no exception. Being a fashion-forward female in this day and age is so exciting. Why? Because you can now change your look as often as you like without any restrictions. Obviously using your own discretion is important though, depending on your career and lifestyle choices. Playing a character is not just for Barbie dolls – we now have access to a wealth of products and services that can dramatically alter how we view ourselves as well as how others view us.

And while it’s true that almost every fashion era has had its share of strengths and weaknesses, the possibilities for spring 2014 are endless in terms of variety and excitement. We have the inspiration from the runways and the streets, magazine advertorials and how-to articles, as well as online mood boards on Instagram and Pinterest. It’s easy to get bombarded with lots of informative hair related cuttings and articles, but here at Le Reve we have done the difficult part for you. Below are a few simple ways you can keep your hair looking pretty as a picture for spring:

Update Your Color

The color of our hair has an instant wow factor if it is dyed and maintained regularly. While celebrities can sometimes make us envious of their chameleon-like hair hues, with regular trips to your local hairdresser you can imitate the hottest, most vibrant shades and make them your own. It’s always worth doing some research and asking your hairdresser for a little advice if you are making a drastic change to your color. Take Nicole Richie for example. She is currently sporting a pastel lilac tone for spring, but she has to make sure that her hair is properly cared for to avoid damage and fading. Most crazy colors do tend to fade after 6-8 washes, but as long as you visit your stylist for touch ups or even buy at-home dye kits, you have nothing to worry about.

Some of the Hottest Hair Colors of the Moment are:

Platinum-Ice Blonde


Rose Gold

Rose Gold Hair Color

Chocolate Brown


Faded Ombre Tones



Nicole Richie Lilac Hair

Dirty Blonde


Fiery Red


Treat Yourself to a Deep Conditioning Treatment

Keeping your locks luscious for longer is so important in this day and age, especially with the amount of internal and external factors that can contribute to potential damage and other hair related problems. Remember that your hair needs love too. So choose to have a weekly deep conditioning treatment either at the salon or at home relaxing in the bath – believe us, your hair will thank you for it. Longer hair in particular needs to be loaded with natural oils and nutrients so if you can opt for products containing hemp, olive, coconut or argan oil, even better!

Try Out Different Hairstyles

Attempting to style your own hair can be tricky without the expertise of a professional hair stylist, however it can be done. By carrying out a simple search on Youtube you will find a large variety of online tutorials which will take you through some of the most intricate of hairstyles, step by step. Hint: Donut buns, wet-look beach styles, windswept, textured up-dos and loose braids are still very much on-trend for the warmer climates and will see you through spring.

The One to Watch: The Boyfriend Blazer

By Dawn Wood

Boyfriend Blazer Grey

What do you get when you combine this season’s sharp androgyny trend with a relaxed fit? You get The Boyfriend Blazer, of course! On the runways we can’t help but notice the influx of menswear influences that designers have been incorporating into their outerwear pieces.

The interesting aspect about ‘borrowing from your boyfriend’s closet’ is the fact that you can style your look up or down, depending on your mood for that day. If you’re having a no-makeup casual kind of day, then you’re going to want your outfit to reflect this. Whereas if you’re going all out with an 80’s ‘girl about town’ edge, make sure you have some shoulder pads that Grace Jones would be proud of. Confidence is the key to pulling off oversized pieces, but do be wary about your own height and shape to avoid looking swamped by certain styles.

If you’re at a loose end for how to wear your boyfriend blazer then here are some of Le Reve’s favorite celebs wearing this season’s most wanted jacket trend, along with some ideas for how you can make them your own…

Go Back to the 80’s

White Sequinned Boyfriend Blazer

Without a doubt one of fashion’s most vocal eras for daring pieces, the 1980’s were all about blending style with music. Madonna, Grace Jones and David Bowie were regularly seen wearing over-the-top shoulder pads as an eye-popping addition to their stage outfits. We loved them for it then as well as now! It’s true that what goes and around comes around in terms of trends recycling and evolving – just take a look at how Lady Gaga rocks her white, sequinned boyfriend blazer with her platinum ‘do. If you’re a believer in bold is beautiful then why not channel that belief into a custom-made blazer like Gaga’s?

Street Style Rocks

Kate Moss Blazer

Never a lady to shy away from the street style scene, Kate Moss shows us how you can look effortlessly chic wearing nothing but skinny jeans, a striped tank top and a loose-fitted black blazer. Notice how Kate chooses to sport muted tones of black, white and grey here as well? For a look that is understated yet still remains polished, take a leave out of this Supermodel’s style book.

Celebrate Spring with Details

White Tuxedo Blazer

Here are a handful of fashion-forward celebs who understand exactly how to utilize their look so they can be individual every time. Whether you prefer to keep your blazer buttoned or free-flowing, sleeves long or rolled, one of the reasons why we love the boyfriend jacket so much is for its versatile nature. Sometimes all you need is a silk or satin texture, a pop of color or an extra pocket to make all the difference to your finished look.

Accessorize to Your Heart’s Content

Selita Boyfriend Blazer

Introducing subtle accessories into your outfit will always grant you extra style points. See how British-born Model Selita Ebanks wraps a chocolate-brown belt around her waist to accentuate her petite frame. She has also added a matching brown cuff to modernize her outfit. It’s clear that the blazer is the centre piece here and this is down to Selita’s imaginative use of accessories. If you would like to recreate Selita’s look then you will need a belt to start you off. Try Le Reve’s Golden Full Metal Plate High Waisted Belt for a simple metallic accent.

So wherever you choose to wear your boyfriend blazer; whether it be to the office, for a shopping trip or for an evening of cocktails, follow our pointers and all eyes will be on you! 

Top 3 Prom Dress Trends for 2014

Have a prom coming up this year? If so, you’re in luck. 2014’s top trends are feminine, fun, and flattering to every figure.

Trend #1: Lace – You’ll find several styles of lace-covered dresses from every designer this year. Why? Lace imbues every gown with femininity. An added bonus? Lace can conceal any not-so-great areas while showing off assets, as this elegant floral-lace gown shows:




Today’s lace isn’t fussy or old fashioned. In fact, sometimes it’s downright dramatic, like this mermaid style with its gorgeous bodice of beaded lace overlay covered in crystals, sequins, and colored stones:




And lace can be beautiful all on its own. Just look at the delicate leaves and flowers of the lace on this strapless gown. The silver sequins underlay makes the lace, the dress and the lucky wearer softly shimmer:



Stunning beadwork adorns many lace dresses, while others incorporate the next hot trend…


Trend #2: Cut-outs – Fun and funky cut-outs rock the runways, and will do the same on the dance floor. Their secret? Showing just enough skin to be alluring. Many cut-out dresses are made of jersey, which skims your curves and moves with you while dancing. Cut-outs can be edgy, elegant or daring, as you can see from these three wildly different gowns.


The strategically placed geometric cut-outs on this artsy dress emphasize all the right curves:




This stunner’s diagonal cut-outs emphasize a small waist (or create the illusion of one). Sequins ensure sparkle, and the open back gives it a bit of daring:




Who says you need to stick with just one trend? The lace on this jersey gown gives it a feminine touch, cut-outs make it modern, and the strapless bustier look will never go out of style:



Trend #3: Flowing Chiffon – Everyone looks beautiful in chiffon. Floaty, flowing skirts flatter every body type, and the gowns often come in a rainbow of colors to highlight every complexion. Beautifully beaded bodices and empire waists are a popular and romantic look, as are strapless styles like this pretty, feminine dress with sweetheart neckline, beaded belt and diagonal accents (hint: diagonal lines are super slimming!).




Another strapless style, this gown has it all: a stone-encrusted bodice that gleams under the lights, a full swishy chiffon skirt, and saturated colors that really pop (and there are 16 colors to choose from!)



Ivory chiffon is shirred across the bodice of this elegant gown, the better to show off the emerald and turquoise beaded collar and belt.  A true princess look!



The flowing white chiffon, deep keyhole neckline, and classic style of the beadwork makes this gown suitable for a “Greek goddess” (or anyone who wants to look like one)



Yes, you can channel your inner goddess or princess in a chiffon gown, rock the house with cut-outs, make any dress more feminine with lace, or combine one or more trends to truly express your personality. And lucky you, because whichever top trend of 2014 you choose, you’re sure to find a gown that will make you feel beautiful at this year’s prom.

By: Terry Costa


New York Fashion Week 2014 – Wrapped Up in Style

By Dawn Wood


When New York Fashion Week wrapped up last Thursday February 13th, it was only a matter of time before the top trends would then be extracted from the runways and interpreted onto the pages of our favorite glossies. As a fashion writer myself, I wanted to observe the entire 7 days of catwalk creations in all of their glory before committing to writing up my review.

Otherwise known as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, this year’s event really did outdo itself with the sheer amount of designers in attendance. Here are the highlights from some of the most memorable days the New York fashion scene has witnessed so far…

Opening the show at 9am on the dot February 6th, Nicholas L Kunz, a.k.a Nicholas K couldn’t have showcased a more fruitful collection than his F/W ’14 vision. His goal as a designer has always been to provide sophisticated customers with modern classics to become timeless wardrobe staples. This latest collection was no exception to his rule of refined New Yorker status; with neutral colors, loose-fitted separates and an evident nod to a gloomy, gothic mood throughout.

Nicholas K F/W '14

Nicholas K F/W ’14

Second on my ‘fashion’s most wanted’ list is Max Azria of global design house, BCBG MAX AZRIA GROUP. Max has long had an innate ability to offer high quality clothing with on-trend styling and his many years if experience in the fashion industry mean that his lines are always a huge success, season after season. For F/W 2014, the emphasis of the new BCBG MAX AZRIA GROUP collection was clearly focused on length, cuts and strong colors. Long dresses in contrasting geometric colors were the order of the day, as were asymmetrical styles, leather knee-high boots and shearling textures.



Other designers worthy of a royal mention at the event include: Aussie brand Zimmermann, with her sultry, rockabilly-esque ready-to-wear collection and Rebecca Minkoff’s ultra chic, boy-meets-girl overcoats.

Rebecca Minkoff FW 14

Rebecca Minkoff F/W ’14

Diane Von Furstenberg stole the show on February 9th as her models sashayed down the runway wearing metallic wrap dresses teamed with sexy cut-out sandals. A legendary designer with impeccable taste for helping women to feel special, Diane’s latest collection for fall was all about the dresses.

Diane Von Furstenberg F/W '14

Diane Von Furstenberg F/W ’14

The end of the week saw snow storms which did hinder a few guests from attending, but for the majority, the show simply went on. All in the name of fashion! The final day of New York Fashion Week was certainly one of the most memorable and featured 3 of fashion’s biggest brands showing off their dazzling F/W collections: Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. The wintry weather conditions in general only made the collections more appropriate to the autumnal season and these 3 designers had stylish layering down to a t.

Overall, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was a complete success and delivered some of the most empowering runway collections we have seen for fashion’s transition into the new season.

Top most expensive shoes


Everybody knows that in the past the main purpose of footwear was to defend the human feet against external factors. Nowadays, it has become a part of our lifestyle. A lot of people wear it not only as a mean of protection, but also to define their social class. The particular feature for females is to show its exclusivity and its luxury.  That is why they have in their wardrobe several pairs of original well-designed shoes. Some of them often represent a truly luxurious piece of jewelry. Such footwear art can be worn instead of jewels. Others consider it to be a very important part of history that significantly affect on their price. Here you will find a top list of the most expensive shoes for women.

The list starts Gold sandals “Eternal Diamond”, which are created by an English jeweler Christopher Michael Shellisa. This pair of shoes made ​​of pure gold and 2200 diamonds. Their price is $220,000.


Stiletto sandals, which are called “Diamond Dream” rank next. A famous actress Anika Noni Rose was the first owner of them. Their cost is $500,000. They were created by the famous designer shoes Stuart Weitzman and a jeweler company Kwiat. It was used 1420 colorless diamonds weighing approximately of 30 carats. These amazing stones are fastened to the shoe with the help of pure platinum bands.


In 2013 in Auckland was a charity auction. It was an earmarked fund for children’s hospitals. The next pair of diamond shoes took part in this event. The designer is from New Zealand Kathryn Wilson. They are classic white shoes with gold stiletto heels, with a great number of diamonds of total 21.18 carats. It took more than 50 hours for creating this masterpiece.


The next pumps are called “Retro Rose” and made by Stuart Weitzman. This model can be related to the style of the 40s. So, what do they look like? They are a silver pumps of T- shape and on high heels, which are decorated with rosettes of more than 1,800 diamonds, weighing about 100 carats. It is not surprising why their cost is more than $1,000,000.

Oscars Diamond Shoes

Another pair of elegant stiletto heels from Stuart Weitzman is called “Marilyn Monroe”. The shoes are with a large satin rose spangled with sparkling crystals Swarovski. These crystals explain the origin of the name of the evening shoes. They had previously adorned earrings that belonged to the famous Marilyn Monroe. After the Oscar in 2005, where an actress Regina King showed them on her feet, these luxury shoes were bought at auction for $1,000,000.


“Ruby Sandals” is another work of Stuart Weitzman. He made 11 – centimeter heels, trimmed with a cherry-red satin and with platinum insets, generously decorated with 642 oval and round rubies with a total weight of 123.33 carats. The cost of “Ruby sandals” is about $2,000,000.


Finally, “Rita Hayworth” shoes, whose father is Stuart Weitzman, are quite simple in appearance. They are satin and of a chocolate color. They were created in the style of earrings of legendary Hollywood actress of 40s. Rita Hayworth. These earrings with rubies, diamonds and sapphires are placed in the center of a satin bow adorning this masterpiece of the shoe king Weizmann. The price of the original pair of shoes is $3,000,000.


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The Work Wear Edit: Communicating to the World with Fashion

By Dawn Wood

workwear fashion

Dressing with an edge doesn’t necessarily just mean taking time out to consider what to wear on date night, for a casual shopping trip or even a weekend vacation away, fashion can also be applied to the 9-5 working week.

Work wear fashion has never been more prominent than it is in modern times and has come a long way since the days of when only sharp suits were in favor. Of course we all want to make that memorable first impression when it comes to those job interviews, promotions and even first days working at a new company.

Communication doesn’t just apply to linguistics and body language, fashion is also a visual communicator and can say a lot about somebody’s personality.

Le Reve Walter Baker Nude Blazer

Meeting a prospective employer or a new colleague for the first time can be a daunting experience if your outfit choice isn’t up to scratch. It’s only human nature that personal judgement can be made in a matter of seconds and so fashion is very useful for expressing who you are at these crucial times. Ultimately, the type of clothing you wear is partly what communicates your personal style to others and the type of industry you work in.

For example, although a Wall Street stock broker would be required to err on the side of formal dressing but that person could still make a bold statement with some cuff links, the color of suit they choose or even the fine details on a tie. Whereas an individual with a more creative career such as a boutique owner, a marketing manager or a magazine editor would tend to have better scope and freedom of choice for what they could wear on a day to day basis.


Work wear fashion needn’t suppress a career person’s penchant for stylish clothing, so long as what the wearer chooses is appropriate to their working environment. The secret to getting it right is to look polished but still show some of ‘you’. You can do this by adding a quirky accessory or by introducing current catwalk trends into the mix.